Click on Contributions in the left sidebar

Click +Add in the upper left corner

The form below will appear.  Select the Donor's name in the Donor field.

Enter the date the gift is received, which is the default on the form. This is the date that is used in reports concerning donations. The Amount Received and the Amount Deductible should be the same unless the donor received something of value for their donation like a premium gift.  The Amount Deductible represents the amount that can be deducted by the donor for tax purposes. 

The ‘Sponsored Person’ field is used for the church name when posting Baby Bottles collected from that church. The amount is posted in the donor’s record, but adding the church’s name in the ‘Sponsored Person’ field allows for a report to group donations to see totals collected from each church, while still crediting the donor with the contribution.

Enter the correct information in the rest of the fields.  If you select a ‘Fund’ that also has a pledge with the same Fund, the pledge will appear in the ‘Pledge’ field.  You can decide if the contribution is a pledge payment or not. Delete it from the ‘Pledge’ field if you do not wish to pay this amount toward the pledge.


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