There are 4 ’Program’ reports.  They each present the data with a different focus.

Program Participation

This report can be confusing if you do not limit it to one program.  It is divided, first, into programs (if you did not specify only one), then into Classes/Benefits.  Clients are listed under each class they attended or benefit they chose, so if your need it is to see popularity of a class, this is the best report.

Program Participation by Client

Information is divided into a section on each client, so if you want to see which classes specific clients attended and available credit, this is a good report.

This report is best run without specifying a program so that ALL programs the client attended will be included.

Note: You can run this report on ‘This Person’ (right side of parameter screen) to limit the data to one client.

Program Participation by Distinct Client

Select a program or leave that field blank to see a list of participants.  Each client’s name is listed only once no matter how many classes she attended within a program.  Her name will be entered under each program she attended if she attended more than one PROGRAM.

Program Participation - Program Summary

Leave the ‘Program’ parameter blank if you want to see all programs summarized. No client names appear in this report, but you can base this report on ONE PERSON to see an overview of her participation in all of your programs.

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