In the Client Visit record, click the "Gospel Presentation" or the "Spiritual Discussion" box and the client information will appear on the "Gospel Sharing Details".

Active and Inactive cases are included in this report if the client had a visit within the date range.

If the ‘Only Gospel Presented’ box is checked when running this report a client will appear on the report if she has the "Gospel Presentation" boxed checked on her record, but NOT the "Spiritual Discussion" box checked.

Client Glenwood was assessed as ‘Abortion Vulnerable’, with a Pre (visit) Spiritual assessment was ‘Not a Believer’.  

The Post (Visit) Spiritual Assessment was ‘Made a new profession of faith’. 

There was (1) Gospel Presented and there was one (1) Spiritual Discussion.  

Two family members heard the Gospel shared.  

The result was 1 New Believer and 1 Rededication.

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