The Center Statistics Report is an abbreviated ”Center Overview” report that gives you the statistics you need for reporting to your board and donors.  Information such as total clients served, total visits, pregnancy intentions, race, number of pregnancy tests, current clients by age, number of ultrasounds, and times the gospel was shared are all included in this report.  Once again, you set the date range of the information you are looking for.

Offsite tests are automatically included in the Center Statistics report.  (You must check the "Include Offsite Tests" box to be included on the Center Overview report.)

The second page contains report notes.

Report Notes:

The Date Range you supply determines the data included on the report. Longer date ranges (like a complete year) can sometimes produce unexpected results when multiple cases are opened for a client within that time period (see notes below).

Distinct Clients: The number of different clients served during the time period.

If a client visits more than once during the time period, they only count as 1 Distinct Client.

Initial Pregnancy Intentions: Initial Intentions displayed on the Case Edit form. If a Client has MULTIPLE CASES with Visits within the time period selected, it is possible to have a different Initial Intention for each case, therefore you may have a total in Initial Pregnancy Intentions that is greater than your Total Distinct Clients.

Current Pregnancy Intentions: This value is displayed on the Visit Edit form as Client's Intentions after Counseling, for the most recent Visit for the Case OR on the Ultrasound Edit form as Pregnancy Decision After Ultrasound. The Ultrasound value ALWAYS takes precedence over a Visit with the SAME DATE. As with Initial Pregnancy Intentions, you may have a total greater than the number of Distinct Clients.

You may see an N/A with a period and an N/A without a period in your report.

N/A. - (with a period) - refers to a Current Intention that had nothing selected in the field.

N/A - (without a period) - refers to a Current Intention that had N/A selected.

Current Clients by Race: This total is the same as Total Distinct Clients.

Current Clients by Age: This total is the same as Total Distinct Clients.

Pre-Visit Spiritual Status: This total is the same as Total Visits.

Pregnancy Tests: Based on the Test Date on the Pregnancy Test Edit form. Remember, you may have performed a Pregnancy Test for a client outside the date range you requested. You may have 2 distinct clients but only one pregnancy test, because one of the clients had a visit within the date range but her pregnancy test was completed earlier, so this number may not match your Total Distinct Client number.

Ultrasounds: Total Performed is the TOTAL NUMBER of Ultrasounds performed during the time period. This should balance to the Ultrasound Results Details Report. At-Risk Clients is the number of Ultrasounds that were for Cases that were INITIALLY ASSESSED as Abortion-Minded or Abortion Vulnerable. Changed Minds is the number of DISTINCT Clients that had STATED INTENTIONS of Abortion or Undecided BEFORE the Ultrasound, and STATED INTENTIONS of Parent or Adopt AFTER the Ultrasound. Please note that the Changed Minds total will NOT NECESSARILY INCLUDED ALL AT RISK CLIENTS, if those clients had a STATED INTENTION that was life-minded PRIOR to the Ultrasound.

This implies that Counseling or other factors resulted in the Changed Mind, and not the Ultrasound alone.

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