This report allows you to see how many babies have been born to clients your center has served. To be listed on this report, one of the "Baby born: ...." selections must be made in the Outcome field on the Outcome Info tab of the Case.

Multiple Births will not be counted unless the name is entered in the "Baby Name 2" and/or "Baby Name 3" field on the Outcome Info tab of the Case.

Check the "Use Case Counselor" box to display under the counselor selected on the Case. If this box is not checked, they will display under the Visit Consultant selected on the first Visit of the Case.

"Include Outcome Date"  - use this if you know a baby was born (according to the Outcome) but no birth date was entered.  This enables you to  pull up the baby born using the outcome date. 

Again, you can choose which format you wish to view the report in.

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