See directions on Setting up the Notes Locking feature.  Click here.

Locking Client Notes

Notice the "Lock Pregnancy Test Notes" button below.  

There is also a "Lock Notes" button to lock Counseling Notes, and a "Lock Sonographer Notes" to lock Sonographer Notes on their respective tabs.

Click "Lock Pregnancy Test Notes" button and the Note Box appearance changes. There will be NO Format choices.  Compare the previous Note box screen shot (before Locking) and the lower one (after Locking):

  • Notes cannot be locked for a New Client or New Case until after they have been submitted for processing.
  • Notes cannot be locked when adding a visit by clicking on Visits, Pregnancy Tests or Ultrasounds on the left sidebar of the Client dashboard or clicking "Add Visit" from QuickFind.
  • Correspondence notes cannot be locked.
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