Question -  I input the whole intake form, and press SAVE, and everything looks fine/normal, but when I go to the list to verify that she was added using QuickFind, she is not on the list.  What am I doing wrong, at this point?

Answer - In CoolFocus, when you SAVE the Intake, the Intake stays in the "Not Submitted" list of Intake Forms (left sidebar) UNTIL you click the "Submit for Processing" button.  This allows you to partially enter an intake form, then go back and add additional information as needed.  But, until you click the "Submit for Processing" button, there is no PERMANENT CLIENT RECORD created.

Also, be sure you have use 4-digit years in all date fields.

To find your Not Submitted Intake Forms, go to the Client Dashboard and click on the "Intake Forms" link on the LEFT SIDE.  Select the intake form you want, then click "Edit".  If all the data has been entered, click the "Submit for Processing" button at the TOP RIGHT.  If there are no errors, you can now find the Client in the Quick Find list.

See more information on Saved, but not Submitted records.


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