Question - When I run the Care Net Renewal, the Center Overview and the New Clients reports, I get different numbers for the New Clients count.  Why is this?

Answer - The Care Net report IS CORRECT for Care Net purposes.  Care Net counts NEW CASES for the same Client as a "new client".  So, if you have a Client with Case #1 in January, then she initiates a new Case in December, that counts as 2 for Care Net purposes.

For the other reports, we are only looking at CLIENTS (individual People).

The reason the Center Overview and the New Clients reports can be different for a one-year time span is for Center Overview, once the Client has a new CASE in that time period, they automatically become a REPEAT CLIENT.  This is because the Center Overview has a "Total Clients" that is broken down in to "Repeat Clients" and "New Clients".  The subtotals have to add up to the total, and a specific Client cannot be counted in both subtotals.  This is not the case for the New Clients report, which shows a "pure" count of Clients that had a Case Number of 1 AT ANY TIME during the time period requested.

So, Care Net has their own very specific set of rules that they ask us to follow when producing the Care Net Renewal Form for your center.  Since they exclude certain clients, visits, pregnancy tests, etc. the numbers on the Care Net report will not necessarily tie back to Center Overview or other "pure" reports. 

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