When you are running reports, you will see Initial Intention, Current Intention, and Outcome.  What do these mean and how are they used in reports? 

First, what exactly do the choices for Intentions mean? Let's go over the list:

Abortion:  Client has chosen to have an abortion

Adoption: Client has chosen to have the baby, and place it for adoption

Carry: Client has chosen to have the baby, but has not yet decided between adoption and parenting

N/A: Not applicable. Non-pregnant client, etc.

Parent: Client has chosen to have the baby and parent, as opposed to adoption

Undecided: Client has not chosen between abortion and carry

Unknown: Client will not disclose her intentions

The "Initial" intention is the intention stated by the client before counseling, when the case was opened.  The "Current" intention refers to her Last Known Intention concerning her pregnancy.  Current Intentions can change, based on your interaction with the client, but the Initial Intention NEVER changes (unless you made a data entry mistake).  Current Intentions in reports reflect the intention the client stated on the last contact you had with her.  Sometimes you will also have the “Outcome” of the case.  

On the Intake Form for the initial visit, the box labeled "If test is positive, what are your intentions" is where the "Initial" value comes from.  This “Initial Intentions” field never changes throughout the case.  But if you made a mistake, you can edit this after the intake has been saved.  Open the Case, edit the "Initial Pregnancy Intentions" field.  Click in the dropdown box, then hit your "Backspace" key to clear the current selection.  Generally, unless a data entry mistake was made, you will never change this intention field, no matter how often she visits or changes her mind.

On the Intake Form for the initial visit, the box labeled "Client's Intentions after Counseling" is where the FIRST Current Intention comes from.  If the client never comes back or there is no further interaction with the client, i.e. no Ultrasound is performed, no further correspondence, etc. then this will be the Current Intentions for this case.

On the Intake Form (for the initial visit or return visit), if you record an Ultrasound, the box labeled "Post Ultrasound Pregnancy Intentions" becomes the “Current Intentions” in reports.

If a Client comes in for another visit, the "Client's Intentions after Counseling" become the Current Intentions in reports.

If you record a Correspondence (phone call, etc.) with the Client that is NOT a Visit, you can update the Client's Intention there.

If you have a Known Outcome on the Case (Baby Born, etc.) that will be shown in reports as Outcome. 

On the Changed Minds report, an "Outcome" of Baby Born will cause a case to be included on this report even if Current Intentions is "Abortion".

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