A Relationship can be set up between records in the Client database.  For example, a client can have a "Relationship" set up between her record and her Boyfriend's record (if he is receiving services). To begin this process, create the relationships in the Relationship Type Validation Table.  See more information here.

Enter a Description and Reciprocal Description in the Relationship Type Validation Table.  In the example  below, the Description is "Boyfriend" and the Reciprocal Description is "Girlfriend".  Other relationships to consider adding to the Relationship Type Validation Table are Client/Parent or Parent/Client. 

To add a Relationship, locate a client record.

Click the Relationships tab.


This screen appears:

Relationship type is "Boyfriend".  The boyfriend is John so he is the"Parent Person".  Tasha is the reciprocal relationship so her name is entered as the "Child Person".

In this example, the Relationship for "Boyfriend" is used in Tasha's record to link her record to her boyfriend, John Adams.

The Relationship shows up like this in John's record: 

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