If the data entry session was interrupted (or even finished but Saved rather than Submitted) and the Intake Form was SAVED, it has been stored in the Intake Forms list, in the "Not Submitted" tab.  Click "Intake Forms" on the left sidebar of the Client Dashboard.

This Intake Forms List will open and show the list of "Not Submitted” client forms (you can also click the "Submitted Intake Forms" tab to see those listed).

Click on the Client whose Intake Form you want to update and click EDIT .  Finish entering your data and click the “Submit for Processing” button.  If there is an error in the data entry or required fields are missing, a message will appear at the top of the page.

Once a record has been successfully submitted, the Status in the upper right corner of the intake form will change to “Submitted” and you will be presented with the option of what to do next, as in the image below:

Click "View Case" to open the Case created from the Intake Form, or click "Print Case Overview" to download the PDF file for Case Overview, or click "Nothing" to return to the Intake Form List.  The Intake Form will no longer be found in the "Not Submitted" tab, but will be in the list under the "Submitted" tab (to the right of the "Not Submitted" tab).


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