If you are seeing performance issues like slow response times or disconnect errors, it may be CoolFocus, or it may be something else.

Let's walk through a few things to check; you may be able to resolve the problem yourself.

First, CoolFocus is an ENCRYPTED, or SECURED website. That's what the "s" in HTTPS:// means on the website address at the top of your browser. This means every piece of data that is sent or received through our website goes through an encryption process. This is to prevent the "bad guys" from being able to read your data if they obtain an unauthorized connection to your network. If you visit non-encrypted sites like www.foxnews.com or even our website, www.waycoolsw.com you will see HTTP:// because those sites are NOT encrypted. Encryption of data requires more resources and time to deliver a page than a non-encrypted site. It also requires a "stable" internet connection to ensure the data is encrypted correctly. This can affect performance as compared to non-encrypted sites and is noticeable when you have a slow Internet connection, or an unstable connection (one that drops periodically or has fluctuating download/upload throughput).

Next, all browsers "cache" some website code, images, static (unchanging) pages and temporary data on your local harddrive. This is to help with faster response time since the browser does not have to download things that do not change every time you visit the site. However, your browser's local memory (called "cache" or even "history") can become corrupted. This can then actually slow down response. To fix this problem, click here for steps on how to clear cache in different browsers.

Finally, your Internet connection may be having problems. It could be that the connection is great most of the time but is having intermittent spurts and sputters, like when you put bad gas in your car. To check your Internet speed, click here for SpeedTest. When the page displays, click the "BEGIN TEST" (NOT Start Now) in the middle of the Map Display.

Something else you can try is to reboot your Router. The router is what connects your phone line or cable connection to your computer network. The easiest way to reboot your router is simply unplug it from the wall socket or the back of the router itself. Leave it off for 3 or 4 minutes, then power back up. While you do this, it's a good idea to shut down your PC or Mac and reboot it as well.

Finally, make sure your computer has all the latest updates to it's Operating System and Browsers (like FireFox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer). Having old versions of that software can really clog up the works. 

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