This is the CoolFocus Home Dashboard. Depending on your security settings, you may not see all of the choices.  Additional modules are available for specific organizational types and CoolFocus is continually updating the available modules.

CoolFocus uses Dashboards to guide you as you enter information about Donors, Clients, and/or Volunteers. Each Dashboard has selections that are specific to the group of people you are working with. To access a specific dashboard from the Home Dashboard, click on your choice in the top line menu.


To submit view the interactive "Helps" or Frequently Asked Questions, click the blue question mark in the upper right corner of your screen.


Every user will see the Tasks pane on the left side of the screen. It can be used as a “Tickler File” to remind you of tasks to be completed. Create a Task in a Donor or Client record, assign it to your username, make it "Private" and it will appear on your homepage and link back into the person’s record.

 You can also add a Task directly from your Home Page that is NOT associated with a particular Donor or Client, but is a general task. To add a task, click on the Create Task icon on the right of your screen.

To edit or delete a task, click on the title of the task. The Edit task window allows you to mark the task as complete, change the status, priority, due date, and who the task is assigned to. The task can also be deleted from this window. If you create a task and assign it to another CoolFocus user, the task will be listed on their home page the next time they log in.

Tasks can be created in a Donor or Client record, and a link will be created on the Home Dashboard.  Opening the Task on the Home Dashboard gives access to a link to the donor or client record.


QuickLinks is located on the right side of the Home Dashboard. 

 The list contains documents to download such as Sample Word documents for Mail Merge.

Sign Out

In the upper right corner of the Home Dashboard, you will see your Username and Organization’s name.  To log off, click your Username and then click Sign Out.

Confirm that you want to log off.


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