This report helps you become familiar with who has made a pledge.  This can be helpful when posting contributions using the Batch Contribution form.  You can be sure to post a pledge payment correctly.

For example, if we only had one Donor with a $1200 pledge (at $100 per month) starting in January and ending in December, due on the 15th of each month.  Now, let's say we run the report for March 30 (which would include 3 payments due). Let's also assume that the Donor DID make the Jan and Feb $100 payments.

Total Pledge Due: $300 (amount due by March 30)
Total Paid: $200 (amount paid through March 30)
Total Due: $100 (amount still outstanding through March 30...if he had made the March payment this would be zero)
Total Remaining: $1000 (amount remaining on his Pledge, i.e. outstanding balance) Total Original Amount: $1200.

NOTE: If you export to Excel, the columns below are explained:
Original Amount Pledged: total original Pledged Amount
Amount Pledged: how much is DUE based on the END DATE (only payments due through that date)
Amount REMAINING: total Amount Remaining on the Pledge REGARDLESS of dates (Pledge Amount MINUS any Amounts Paid)
Amount Remaining Through End Date: amount remaining on the Pledge based on Payments Made THROUGH the End Date (no payments AFTER that date are included)

You can use this report in three ways:

1.  Check "Use Dates" and the date range you enter will give you only active pledges with a payment due within the date range.  

2.  If you want a list of ALL pledges, both active and inactive, you can check "Include Inactive Pledges" and do not check "Use Dates".    

3. Include both Active and Inactive pledges with expected payments within the date range by adding check marks in "Use Dates" and "Include Inactive Pledges". 

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