Question - How can I find just my Donors that have Email addresses?

Answer - 

  1. On the Donor Dashboard, click "List" on the LEFT SIDE.
  2. Click "Clear Search" at the TOP RIGHT to reset the Advanced Search filters.
  3. Click on "Adv. Search" at the TOP of the page.
  4. In the Email Address box, type %@ (this is the wildcard character followed by an @ sign).
  5. Click Search.

The "%" sign is the "wildcard" character for Advance Search.  It means "anything, including a blank, will match this value".  So, you are asking Advance Search to find any record that has the "@" sign in the Email Address field, which will exclude records with no data in the "Email Address" field.

The "%" can be used in any of the other search fields as long as they are text fields (name, etc.).

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