Answer - Baby Bottles returned from a Church typically contain a mix of both Checks and Cash. Of course, you know who the Donor is for the Checks, but not for the Cash. For Checks, enter the Contribution on the Donor's record AND select the Church as the "Sponsored Person". For Cash, enter the Contributions on the Anonymous record (or the Church's record itself) and select the Church as the "Sponsored Person". The important part of this data entry is that EVERY CONTRIBUTION assosciated with that Church should have that Church as the SPONSORED PERSON. That is the "link" that ties all the Contributions together.

So, for BOTH Checks AND Cash, enter the CHURCH as the "Sponsored Person". You can then use the "Sponsored Contributions and Pledges" report (in the "Pledges" group of reports) to see exactly how much came in from a specific Church.

If you want to track the number of bottles sent to a specific church, you can use either the "Notes" tab on the Church's record and enter a Note, or use the Attention Flag to record that information. 

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