When you first start the QuickBooks Import Tool, you may see the screen below. If you do, click the "Continue" button to ignore this error, it does NOT cause any problems:

There are several situations that can cause errors during the import into QuickBooks from CoolFocus. The majority of these import errors are due to MISMATCHED NAMES for either Accounts or Classes. What this means is you have an Income Account in QuickBooks that is spelled one way, but the corresponding GL Account in CoolFocus is spelled a different way. To fix this problem, you must change the name in the GL Accounts Validation Table in CoolFocus to match the name in QuickBooks. 

Note that Accounts in QuickBooks that have MULTIPLE LEVELS must be separated by a colon : and NO SPACES. So, if you have an account called "General Revenue" with a sub-account called "Walk Revenue" that also has a sub-account called "Walk 2015", then the correct GL Account name in CoolFocus would be General Revenue:Walk Revenue:Walk 2015. If the accounts do NOT match exactly, you will receive an import error.

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