An alternative to searching for every donor record and entering pledge is to use the Batch Pledge Entry form.  This allows you to enter several pledges as a group (batch) from the same form.  The advantage is speed of entry.

Create a Batch

In the ‘Batch Entry’ list in the left sidebar, select Pledge.

When the Pledge Batches form below appears, click the ADD button.

Create the Defaults for the Batch

When the form opens, click Defaults Button and enter a Description of the Batch and Batch date.  Also enter a description of the pledge that will appear on statements for the donor.  Enter the Pledge Start Date, Source, and Fund. You can set the default Frequency to “Monthly” and number of payments to “12” to save some data entry. These defaults can be changed if necessary for individual pledges.  The defaults will return as soon as the pledge is added to the batch. The Sponsored Person field can be the name of the table host for a banquet or a walker for a Walk-a-thon.

To save these defaults, click SAVE (upper right corner) and return to the Pledge Batches List.

Return to the Batch List for data entry

Now that Defaults have been entered and SAVED, you can see your new pledge batch in the saved Pledge Batches list. Locate your newly created batch and click on it to highlight and select EDIT to return to the form to begin posting pledges.

Adding a Batch of Pledges

When the form appears, the Defaults appear in the fields where you designated them.  Begin by Searching for the Donor.  Enter the first few letters of the last name and select the name from the list of choices.  If no name is found in your search, click on the ADD DONOR button. The basic ‘General Information’ form appears so you can create a new donor record.  More on this in a later section.

Enter the Amount Pledged (total). 

If any data needs changed for a pledge card (for instance, the Frequency and number of payments), swipe over the entry and change it.  It will return to the default data after that pledge is finished.

Once all the data is entered for the pledge click Add Pledge and the donor’s name and pledge appear in the lower list.  The Batch Information in the upper right corner increases to include the pledge just entered.

Save the form and return to it to add more pledges to the Batch later. This will be common when entering pledges from a fundraiser.  It may take several days to enter all the pledges, and they all can be entered in this batch.

Edit a Pledge in a Batch

You can EDIT any pledge in the lower half of the donor record screen by highlighting it and clicking EDIT. 

Make your correction and hit SAVE to return to the Batch Entry form.

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