Once a Case is closed, a client may return at a later date for services regarding another pregnancy.  At this time, open another case for that client.  There is no limit to the number of Cases or Visits a client can have, but only one case is open at a time.

Locate the Client’s record using ‘Quick Find’.


 A "Closed" case will not have an Actions box in the upper right corner with a "View Active Case" button.

 In the lower half of the screen, you will find the Activity Stream which lists ALL the visits, appointments, notes, correspondence, and classes/benefits from ALL cases. The blue buttons dictate what will be visible in the Activity Stream below.  Click a blue button to de-activate it and cause that category to disappear from the Activity Stream. This is helpful if you want to see only one category. 

The GRAY BUTTONS on the right correspond to the BLUE BUTTONS on the left. Rather than managing what shows in the Activity Stream, these gray buttons ADD an activity.

Click (gray button) Add Case to begin the process of adding another case.

The first form opens as Existing Client and will be filled in with "Client Provided information" given at the time of the initial case.  Edit this information if necessary.

Check the boxes beside services given that day, such as Pregnancy Test, Ultrasound, or STI testing and those forms appear in the list of forms on the left under Counseling Info.

 IF YOU GET INTERRUPTED during data entry, click SAVE.    Locate the ‘Unsubmitted’ record from the Client Dashboard under ‘Intake Forms’ in the left sidebar.

Enter the new Case information.


 Add information from the counseling visit:

Be sure to check any additional service being given that day , such as Pregnancy Test, Ultrasound, or STI testing. Each service checked adds a form to the list in the left sidebar.

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