After entering the first few letters of the client’s last name to verify that she/he is not in the database, click the blue New Intake button and the New Intake Form appears.  Check mark services the client received during that visit, such as Pregnancy Test, Ultrasound, STI testing and additional forms appear in the left side bar.

 Enter information in each form.  IF THE DATA ENTRY SESSION IS INTERRUPTED during data entry, click SAVE.  Saving the data does NOT Submit it to the permanent file in the computer.  That happens only after the data is “Submitted for Processing”.

ONLY AFTER THE DATA ENTRY SESSION IS COMPLETE will you hit the “Submit for Processing” button.  

NOTE:This partially finished client intake form is temporarily stored under the Intake Forms tab on the Client Dashboard in the left sidebar.

Enter Client Provided information

 After clicking on New Intake, the first form displayed is the Client Provided Information.

Enter the client’s name, address, phone, email address, age and birth date.  You can also enter whether the client has authorized contact by phone or email and if caller ID block needs to be used when calling the client. 

If your organization has multiple locations, you will also need to select the center.

This field is required.

Check mark the services given at that visit  (PT, US, STI test) and those forms will appear in the left sidebar of the data entry forms list.

Center and Reason for Visit are Required fields. 

Note: The Center dropdown is a Validation Table.  Center locations can be added to this list at any time.  The Consultant list is determined by your Users, which are setup in Security (Described in the Security manual.)

Necessary Information - In the Client Provided Information (first section of the form), Race, Student Status,  and Marital Status are required for Option Ultrasound and Care Net reporting.

Race, Religion,  and Living Arrangements are Validation Tables.  Any values added to the standard Race list will be included in “Other” totals for Race in the Care Net and OUP reports.

Religious Background information can be of great benefit to your organization as you speak to various churches and religious organizations.  Many pastors, church members, etc., wish to know how many clients you are serving and what their spiritual beliefs are.  

 The “How did you hear of us?” (Source) field is populated with choices from the Sources list (left Sidebar of Client Dashboard). A Source is anything that generates a new name (Client, Donor or Volunteer) OR motivates a donor to contribute.  For this reason, Sources are available in both the Donor and Client Dashboards and share the list. See more information about Sources.

Enter  Case Information

Enter the Case Info (the circumstances surrounding the possible pregnancy).  Care Net defines a case as “a situation involving any client who has never been to the center or a return client with a new possible pregnancy-related concern (new pregnancy, post abortion, abstinence)”.

Clients must have at least one Case and can have as many Cases as needed, but only one can be Active at any given time. Each Case can have unlimited Visits, and any tests or counseling events must be associated with a Visit.

This screen allows you to enter the gynecological history based upon the information the client shared with you on the intake sheet.  Here you can enter the client’s first day of her last period; (use four-digit year) period irregularities and length of cycle. If the client is taking any medication, this can be entered, as well as any drugs or alcohol the client may be using. Whether she is a smoker can be entered as well. All of this information is invaluable to the counselor serving her on this visit and for counselors who will serve her in the future.

When the answer to a question is something other than NA (Not Applicable or No Answer) additional fields may appear, requiring additional data entry.

The Pregnancy Symptoms screen allows you to enter any symptoms the client may be experiencing.  This list can be entered by clicking in the blank space and typing the first letter of the symptom.  The list will jump to that location and you can highlight the selection to add it to the list.  Repeat for additional symptoms.

If the client reports previous pregnancies, additional fields will appear.  

If she reports a previous abortion, additional fields will appear, specific to the abortion experience. Total Abortion count is required for Care Net reporting.


The section below allows you to enter the client’s use of birth control.  The length of time she has been using birth control and type of birth control used should be entered.  The different types of birth control have already been entered for you; all you have to do is click in the blank space of the field and select the birth control from the list.  Below the Birth control type list you can select whether the client wanted to get pregnant.

If the client relates any abuse, enter it in the form.  Additional fields will appear for more data.

The ' . . . Stated Intentions' answer is very important, because it allows you to enter the client’s intention for the outcome of this pregnancy, if the client is pregnant.  The options are already listed for you; simply click on the appropriate intention.

'Stated Intentions' on the Case form are the client's initial intentions - her plans for the pregnancy before she received counseling and resources. Each additional visit and Ultrasound allows you to track the updated intentions before and after the visit, and before and after the Ultrasound. This provides the detailed information to reports based on clients’ intentions and what worked best to change their mind.  

This Initial Intention NEVER CHANGES throughout the existence of the case.

The next section is information on the client’s partner.  Enter what the client shares about the partner and their relationship.

The  last  section here is 'Vulnerability Risk Factors'.  The Risk Assessment is required for Care Net and Option Ultrasound reporting.  This section allows you to enter the client’s Vulnerability Risk Factors that would make her more likely to consider abortion. A minimum of one Risk Factor in an at-risk category will include the client on the Abortion Vulnerable Clients Report, even if she stated her intentions were to carry. This allows you to closely monitor this client as Abortion Vulnerable.  The Consultant may indicate on paper that the client does not believe in abortion and that she has a healthy pregnancy, but she is also experiencing pressure from her support persons, and therefore has not ruled out abortion.  All of these may be marked on the intake sheet as applying to this client, but the data entry person needs to mark only the items in the highest level of risk to identify her vulnerability to abortion.


Enter the Counseling Info

This section begins with two required fields – "Reason for Visit" and 'Visit Consultant'.

To see a list of standard Reasons for Visits click here. This list cannot be changed.

The fields that follow are required by Care Net. They are the Spiritual Assessment fields. This area allows you to enter the client’s spiritual status. This can help the current counselor, and can also help counselors in the future who serve this client. This also helps you compile statistics at the end of the year for reporting purposes to your contributors and to Care Net, as well as fulfilling other reporting requirements. Initially, for a new client, the Spiritual Assessment before session is “Unsure” since you do not know her.

'Resources Provided' and 'Concepts Shared' fields - Click in the blank area and select the Resource or Concept from the list.  Add a second and third Resource or Concept by clicking in the field where it is blank, and selecting the next Resource or Concept. See more information on Resources Provided and Concepts Shared.

 IF YOU GET INTERRUPTED during data entry, click SAVE.

Enter Pregnancy Test and results  

 If a four digit year has been entered for the LMP, a Possible Due Date will be calculated.  See more information on Adding a Pregnancy Test


Enter an Ultrasound

If the client received an Ultrasound Scan that same day, enter the appropriate data.  There are spaces for fetal heartbeats and measurements for up to three babies.  See more information on entering an Ultrasound.


Enter STI tests 

Beside each test on the initial date of service, enter PENDING under “Results”.  

See information on entering lab results and a follow up visit for results.


Submitting a Completed Form

When the data entry process is completed, click the “Submit for Processing” button. After successfully submitting a form, you will see the box on the right:

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