There are three ways to add a pledge:

Via Activity Stream

Add Pledge using Activity Stream.  Locate the donor record using ‘Quick Find’.  Click the gray ‘Add Pledge’ button in the Activity Stream.

When the form opens (below) enter the Source, Description, Start Date (date the first Payment is due), Fund and Total Amount Pledged.  Select the Frequency Type and number of Payments. Each pledge must be assigned to a Fund. Selecting a Fund will automatically associate pledge payments with the appropriate Fund, and in turn, the appropriate general ledger accounts. Check Active and the Generate Notices checkbox if you want to create personalized pledge notices prior to the due date of the pledge.

You should always select a Source, even if it is “Word of Mouth” or “Unknown”.

The Description field should not be blank because it shows up on the donor’s statement.

The Sponsored Person should be selected if this Pledge is sponsoring (soft-crediting) an existing person in your database or being associated with a table host. The list contains everyone in your Donor List; you can limit the list by entering a full or partial last name or company name.

Number of Payments is how you specify the term of the pledge. For instance, a one-year pledge with a Payment Frequency of Monthly should have 12 payments. A three-year pledge with a payment frequency of "Annually" would have 3 payments. 

Click on Save to generate the Payment Schedule for the pledge. The correct number of payments, with the Date Due and Amount Due will be automatically built.

 The right sidebar shows the remaining balance of the pledge.  This figure shows up on “Monthly Statement PCC”.


The Pledge Schedule lists the scheduled Pledge Installments and any Payments applied. The Date (Due) is listed down the left side, the Due Amount for the installment and (payment) amount(s) are listed as well. Note that any payment applied that is greater than the balance due on the installment will automatically apply to the next payment due. If there are no remaining payments, the whole amount will be applied to the last installment.

Via Batch Pledge

On the Donor Dashboard, select Pledge under the Batch section in the left sidebar.

Via Pledges List

On the Donor Dashboard, select ‘Pledges’ in the left sidebar, and Click +Add to open the pledge form.


All three of these methods use the same data entry form.

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