The Grant function allows you to track information such as major contacts, special notes and interests of grant-making institutions, amount requested and received and important milestones (tasks).  Any tasks added will be displayed in the Tasks pane on the Home page for the user they are assigned to.

To Add a Grant, click on Grants in the Donor Dashboard and select ADD.

To edit a Grant, click on Grants in the Donor Dashboard and select the grant and click “Edit Grant”.

When grant payments are received, add them as a Contribution from the grant organization you received them from. Click on the “Applies to Grant” button in Contributions and the total received for the grant will automatically be updated.


Enter a brief description of the grant, the date applied, amount requested, and grant status. Grant status is a Validation table, so you can have as many different statuses as needed. You can also enter the amount approved and the approved/denied date.

Grant Tasks

Any Grant Task added will be displayed on the assigned user’s home page. Note that the Description is a rich-text area. You can use different fonts, colors, font sizes and options to make key points stand out.

Grant People

Anyone associated with the grant, including the granting organization, should be added as a name in your CoolFocus database. You can then assign these people to the grant, giving you one place to look for key contacts and notes pertaining to each grant.


Grant Notes gives you an area to enter notes specific to the grant. 

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