By selecting this section, you are able to access a complete list of ALL MAILING LIST RECORDS in spreadsheet format.  This is useful for sorting, filtering and locating data.  Please keep in mind, not every record in the Donors Dashboard is an actual contributor.  Sometimes you have records on those people or churches that have NOT donated because they want your mailings or you are cultivating a relationship with them.

You can use all of the grid functionality (sorting, filters, etc.) as described in CoolFocus Standards.

To edit a donor’s record, highlight their name in the list and click the “Edit” button.


When the Donors List opens, enter a Last Name (or Company or Organization Name) in the Search box. Click Search to see a list of people matching your entry.

When you have finished, click Clear Search.

Advanced Search

From the Donors List you can also select Adv. Search in the upper right corner. Advanced Search is also a selection from the Donor Category in the left sidebar of the Donor Dashboard.  Learn more about Advanced Search and see examples.

Advance Search allows you to search for a specific group of people based on multiple search requirements. This functionality is most useful for Donors and Volunteers when you want to send letters or emails to a specific group of people.  Advanced Search results can also be used as the basis for reports.

You can enter values for any of the Search Criteria listed on any of the tabs. But, every value you enter HAS TO MATCH the value in the person’s record before they will be included in the list. For example, if you entered Last Name: Smith AND City: Los Angeles, then ONLY the Smith’s who live in Los Angeles will be included.

The exception to this rule is when you select multiple items in one category, like in Roles, Skills & Talents, Affiliations or Entity Type. In those instances, if the person has ANY of the values selected assigned to them, they will be included in the list. The list created can be used as the basis for reports.

Run Labels directly from Advanced Search or Donors List

Under the Advanced Search and Donor List sections, you can print Avery 5160 (30 per page) labels directly from the Donor List.   This is a Quick Link on the upper right corner.  Simply click “Mailing Labels”.  An Adobe PDF file will be opened on your PC.  Note:  When you click “Print” in the PDF file, and respond to the question “Sort by ZIP?”

You can also make a notation in each record by clicking on "Create Correspondence" and filling our the form.  See below.

Send Letters  

Click here for detailed instructions on how to set up a Mail Merge document for Receipts.

Send (Email) Giving Statements  

Click Send Giving Statements to see the form below.

Fill out the date range and the Email Message in Settings before Clicking OK.

Click OK to see the next screen:

Click OK and Giving Statements will be emailed.

Create Correspondence   

Once an Advanced Search is completed, a Correspondence notation can be placed in the Activity Stream of each record to indicate that it was a part of that group.  Fill out the form that appears after clicking the Create Correspondence button.

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