Note - do NOT manually enter any Pledges or Contributions into CoolFocus that have ALREADY been entered into Ministry Sync or they will be duplicated when you import the Ministry Sync Event. (The exception is CASH or CHECK contributions that will NEVER go through Ministry Sync.  Walkers can get a check from a Donor and mark it "paid offline", then give the check to the center, but Ministry Sync does NOT pass that through to us since they never handled it. Only ONLINE payments come through Ministry Sync.)

We suggest that you begin the matching process (step #6) as soon as your Ministry Sync Event has been created. That way, you can match a few registrants each day up to the event, instead of having to match hundreds the day after the event.

Follow these instructions to set up the integration between Ministry Sync and CoolFocus and then continue with the instructions below.

  1. Create a Source for your Event.
  2. Create a Fund for your Event.
  3. Click on Ministry Sync Import on the left sidebar of the Donor dashboard.
  4. Select Event - select an event from the drop-down list and then click Next (upper right).

   5. Match Registrants - match registrants to an existing Donor record in CoolFocus, or create a new Donor record (see instructions below).  When you have matched all your registrants, click Next.

To match your registrants - click Link to Donor (blue underlined).  A pop up window will appear.  Enter the Donor's name in the Link to field and select from the list of existing Donors and click Ok.  Or, click Create New Donor to create a new Donor record in CoolFocus for this registrant.

   6. Review Pledges and then click Next.

   7. Review Contributions and then click Next.

   8. Finalize Import

  • Select your Source
  • Select your Fund
  • Enter your Pledge Start Date - Due Date of the FIRST PAYMENT on your pledges
  • Click Import

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